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Name:Shatterverse Panfandom RP
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Originally [ profile] shatterverse.

The basic idea: Someone - the world will never know who - messed about with something they shouldn't, and as a result holes opened up all over the world and brought in people, creatures, and objects from alternate Earths. Some of them were pretty damn alternate. Mayhem and people being eaten by Lovecraftian horrors ensued.

Thanks to the noble efforts of Anne Cooper (deceased), a large swath of the United States centred around Kansas was mostly spared after the first few hours. Now, the people who are left and the people who survived being transferred in have to figure out what to do with themselves in a world that's missing most of its cities, never mind the people who were in them.

Transfer points still open up occasionally and dump bewildered people or objects in from other universes before disappearing again, although Kansas remains a safe zone; there won't be any transfer points there for quite some time, if ever.

Shatterverse has a shiny sparkling OOC community located at [community profile] shatter_ooc, a cast list located here, and an applications post located here.
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